About Us

We are a corporate advisory firm specialized in providing core finance and business solutions to Corporates. We have a team of professionals who have specialized in catering to the needs of Banks/ Investment Bankers/Chartered Accountant firms/ Consulting Companies/ Financial Institutions/ Corporates by providing them with our knowledge and skill in providing various services.

Our teams experience in working with different industries and funds both in India and abroad gives us the distinct advantage of being able to provide fresh perspectives to create reliable and comprehensive solutions.

We currently work as strategic partner for a Government organization, few Multinational Consultancy company and many Chartered Accountant Firms in India and abroad. We also have strategic partnerships with KPOs based in Singapore and Hong Kong which can be leveraged for any specific targeted data/ report preparations for projects/ Investments to these markets.

Our Mission
Is to become a right partner of choice to our clients.

Our Work
Is based on Four Pillars .
» Spirit of Knowledge
» Quality of Execution
» Trust of our Customers (Data Integrity)
» Service Timelines

And as it is with co-joining pillars, all has to fit together to make the right product and hence our focus is to get all the four in place all the time and every time